The Scherzer 1880 "Art of the Table" collection has its roots in the history of the Company, which was born in Bavaria in 1880. Nowadays displaying an Italian design and spirit, the objects featuring in this collection represent the very heart of the Brand. Art of the Table is a combination of refined objects of high quality, design and creativity for sophisticated use at home with the family and on important occasions. The collection consists of a range of objects, dishes, containers, glasses, crystal dinnerware and blown glass items. Each object has its own history as a high-quality traditional product; at times, as in the case of the classic Scherzer teapot, it features an innovative design that has remained contemporary through time. The crystal dinnerware, glasses, decanters and pitchers, created according to the best Italian manufacturing traditions, are inspired by historical objects that have been revisited and that are always fashionable as high-quality tableware. Future developments will involve more and more aesthetic research through collaborations with international designers, together with innovation in materials and the constant quest for better quality.
This series of products was born through the years as a complement to Scherzer collections dedicated to the Art of the Table and as an enrichment of our range of interior design products. Here also, future research will focus on Italian and international designers, seeking to combine innovation in materials and design solutions with the essential practicality required for each decorative object. Renowned designers such as Rubertelli, who is based in London and in this city finds inspiration for his modern lamps and plays of light, remaining faithful to the "handmade factor" which is so important for paying attention to even the smallest details. His lamps for Scherzer will be among the more significant interior elements. Carmelo De Giorgio was born in the Calabria region but lives in Lucerne, in Switzerland, where he has been creating for years metal objects of an extreme purity, with the very fine handmade finishing that only an artisan-artist can achieve. Candle holders, bottle holders, and ashtrays are among the objects of his vast collection that are now being presented by Scherzer. Gosha, an international glass artist, based in Germany, crafts each object by hand, with unique designs and motifs that enhance her vases and produce inimitable pieces. She is also part of the Scherzer team of designers. The Company wants to keep alive the craftsmanship of objects and handmade artistry, in order to act as a link between the vision of artists and designers and its own clients. Every year new objects and creators come to enrich the Scherzer 1880 collection.
This collection is characterized by a wider choice of products, offering both tableware and interior design objects. Scherzer wants to present collections from around the world, inspired by a wide variety of sources and always of impeccable quality. Here one finds Mediterranean colours and oriental nuances, but the Scherzer 1800 distinguishing trait of this vast collection is once again the quest for beauty and quality, thus paying homage to the origins of the company and its over one hundred years of history. The tableware and interior design objects introduce new shapes and colours that are inspired by and evoke world countries and their culture. Here the Scherzer team has sought to discover new things and include them into the present range, complementing the two main collections.

Scherzer 1880

While the Scherzer name has been synonymous with beauty and art for over 120 years, each object possesses all the characteristics needed to meet the needs of even the most modern lifestyles.

Scherzer 1880 products combine purity of materials and precision of production techniques with the charm of the art object able to confer a discreet, refined and unmistakable atmosphere to everyday life. Scherzer 1880 means focus on the quality of a product that is precious and sophisticated down to its smallest details; it is a guarantee of perfection thanks to the indissoluble bond between design and technology.